I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful programs that have offered. I have attend several of the SAR/LEO (Search and rescue/Law enforcement) gap series. I have been very impressed with the knowledge and experience of the instructors and their genuine interest and professionalism with each and every student. I have found these programs to be a great value for the money! I hope we can count on many more excellent offerings and commend you for all of the hard work and dedication!

Suzi Goodhope

While my husband was away in Afghanistan in 2002 our two 80lb. dogs, Max and Sam, began to have dominance issues with each other. By dominance issues, I mean they were fighting. I heard about Pepe and J & K Canine Academy through a relative and immediately gave them a call. Pepe came to our house and I was impressed by how fast the dogs both responded to him. Since the initial visit four years ago, Max and Sam have participated in individual training sessions with Pepe and Jose, as well as an in-house session, where they stayed for three weeks of intensive training. Not only have most of our problems with the dogs been resolved, but we also have truly benefited from the instruction and advice that J & K has offered. All of the tools that the trainers at J & K have shared with us have helped us provide a stimulating and structured environment for our boys, and has made for two very happy and healthy dogs, and two very grateful parents.

Kate Hughes

This letter is to let you know how proud we are of Max, because of your expertise in training us and him. We are still amazed at how well he listens... we can now have company and not be afraid of him being in the room with us. After he says hello to our visitors we can tell him to "sit" or "down" and he will! When company leaves he does not get up and run to the door, or make a fuss... we can say "stay" and he will sit and not move until we call him. We can remember when it was impossible to have company in the same room with him, and being a 120 pound Rotti is very intimidating.

We thank God that we found you because the possibility of ever having to give up Max, or putting him down for harming someone would have been devastating to us. You have given us the confidence that we can improve his behavior by being consistent with him. As you suggested, training is a daily thing, and it can be fun for us and Max.

Again, thank you so much for your patience with Max (and us). And, it is also wonderful for us to know that we can leave him with you when we go away, and we do not have to worry about the way he is being cared for.

Thanks again, and God Bless.

Mike, JoAnn and Max Ortiz

Thank you so much for saving our Australian Shepherd, Sydney, which we had just adopted from a local rescue group. As you may recall, Sydney was extremely aggressive inside the house to the point of biting our daughter, Amanda, when she came home from college the first time. We did not know much about Sydney's history. What we did find out about her suggested that she was abused. We learned from experience, and you confirmed, that Sydney's aggression would increase in geographic area as time passed unless something was done. You came to our house just at the point we were going to return Sydney to the rescue organization from which we adopted her. When you performed the assessment, Sydney went after you and bit your leg. Her aggression had increased to the point that she wanted to bite people who walked by the house. Based upon your observations, you made recommendations to modify Sydney's behavior. The exercises that you recommended were as much for us as they were for Sydney. These exercises, which you explained how to do, as well as the rationale, were simple and effective. At the follow-up appointment, three weeks after the initial assessment, Sydney was literally a different dog. While it is an ongoing process with Sydney, the improvement was nothing short of remarkable. Our daughter came home from college and Sydney was much less aggressive. Sydney no longer tried to attack Amanda. While we need to remain vigilant and need to follow through with the exercises, the results were phenomenal. I am certain that if we had to return her to the rescue group that she would ultimately have to be put down as an aggressive dog, so thank you again for helping all of us deal with this problem.

Larry CangroInstructor, Skate Nao

Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with your training courses and the positive effect they have had on Mandy and me. Mandy is a "new" dog. I have a whole new perspective on how to train a dog, and what it means to be a responsible dog owner. When Mandy and I came to you, Mandy was, so to speak, out of control. In addition, I was at a loss as to how to proceed. Today, Mandy is a paragon of obedience and good behavior. She is a real jewel and I hate to go anywhere without her. When we started your course, Mandy could do virtually nothing. Today, that problem no longer exists. Today, Mandy can do the following: One, "come" when called. Two, on command, "sit" and/or lie "down." Three, "stay" when told. In addition, Mandy will, four, not go through a door, either in or out, unless given permission. Five, will not get in the car unless given permission. Six, will not leave the car unless given permission. Seven, when we go for a walk, I take her, she does not take me. Eight, it when walking, she does get a bit ahead of me, she immediately returns on command. Nine, when commanded to "heel," even if she is some distance away, she immediately responds and takes up the correct position. Ten, Mandy will not eat until given permission. Thanks again for your excellent instruction and understanding help.

Richard D. Osborn