We offer three levels of classes:
● Level 1 “Basic” – This is an entry-level course that focuses on
socialization and basic obedience (“heel”, “sit”, “stay”, “down”,
etc.) with everyday distractions. We also discuss common behavioral
issues. A regular 6 foot leash is required.
● Level 2 “Long Leash” – This level teaches combined commands in order
to extend the obedience to a 15 foot leash. This allows us to focus on
“recall” and other skills to begin to work off leash.
● Level 3 “Off Leash” – This course is the last level of group
obedience that Pepedogs offers. We focus on simulating off leash
training, with light lines for safety, and we strive to obtain maximum
distance control using verbal commands and hand signals.

Classes are 4 weeks long and you attend on the same day and time each
week. The total for all four classes is $139. Class size is limited
and payment is required in order to reserve your spot in class. Due to
limited size, once classes have started, there will be no refunds for
missed classes.

Please call or email our office at (386)454-3647 or
office@jkcanine.com to make payment arrangements and reserve your spot
in class. Office hours are Monday through Friday in the mornings from
9am to 12pm and in the afternoons from 2pm to 5pm.

Classes are an hour long and they are held outside at the Pepedogs
facility in Alachua, FL. You will need a collar and an appropriate
leash for your level. No treats or food rewards are required. Children
are welcome to assist in training as long as they are supervised.

Group classes require your dog to be 16 weeks or older and up to date
on their Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella vaccines.”