per level

Group classes consist of three levels. Level I – addresses jumping, play-biting, sit, stay, down, and heel, Level II – recall, distance OB, and distractions, Level III- public OB, off leash heeling. Each level consists of four lessons.

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One on One


per session

One on One sessions are held at or location or at your home. Price varies on location and which trainer we will need to send due to the specific issues we will need to address.

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full program

The program is designed to create a solid foundation of basic manners. This 17 day program helps you and your canine start off on the right foot. The program now includes two individual sessions one at pickup and another session a week after the dog has settled in, to transition trained behaviors into the home. Programs can include: house breaking, basic obedience, manners, and socialization.

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Video Session


per half hour

After conducting an initial evaluation we offer this service to all clients out of state and local. We are able to continue follow-ups on a video basis. A high speed internet connection is needed for best results.

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Man’s Best Friend


full program

Our most popular and time tested program, tailored, focused, designed to modify unwanted behavior such as but not limited to jumping, play bitting, pulling, lunging at dogs, and coming when called. For high energy high drive dogs we develop games to properly stimulate them once they go home. The  obedience covered includes recalls, heals, sits, stays, and downs on command. Our 23-25 day stay can focus on anything ranging from basic to severe behavioral issues. This program includes three month follow up. Ultimately the program is designed to meet your needs in order to allow your pet to become an intricate part of your family’s life.

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per day

While your dog is boarding at our facility you can add focused obedience training time to address specific issues from pulling and jumping to fear anxiety and aggression.

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Dog-GO Classes

We will be offering weekly times for each level I, II, III, after clients complete 4 classes they will graduate to next level after a short evaluation of progress.
Level I “Basic” This is an entry-level course focusing on socialization, basic obedience such as Heel, Sit, Stay and Down all with everyday distractions as well as discussion of common behavioral issues.
Level II “Long Leash” This level develops skills chaining commands in-order to extend the obedience to a 15 foot leash focusing on the “recall” and other skills to begin to work off leash.
Level III “Off Leash” This course is the last level of group obedience Pepedogs offers. We focus on simulating off leash work training with “Light lines” for safety and we strive to obtain maximum distance control using verbal commands and hand signals.